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Asbestos has been in a wide range of products

While asbestos is still used in some products, its use is down quite a bit from where it once was. Prior to the late 1980s, it was used in all sorts of products. This includes: flooring products, ceiling products, wall products, roofing products, chimney products, heating/cooling system products, electrical products, welding products, auto products, turbines, kilns and ovens. Lists of some of the products within these categories that asbestos used to commonly be in can be found on our firm’s page on asbestos exposure.

Given how many products used to contain asbestos, there are all kinds of ways that a worker could have been exposed to this substance in the past. So, potentially having past exposure to asbestos is not something that is just the case for workers in a couple industries; many types of workers may have faced such exposure over their career.

Now, when a person is found to have an asbestos-related disease, the details on how and when they were exposed to asbestos can impact their legal options. How common asbestos once was in products is among the things that can create challenges when it comes to pinning these details down. Another is that a person may not know they have such a disease until long after the exposure happened.

So, when trying to understand one’s options following finding out they have an asbestos-related disease, it can be important for a person to have the guidance of an attorney who understands the unique challenges that can arise in relation to asbestos cases and what sorts of investigatory efforts are needed to build a case.

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