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April 2017 Archives

Work with experienced attorney to seek compensation for early stage mesothelioma

Previously, we began looking at the importance of early detection of mesotheolioma, and some of the work researchers are currently engaged in to make early detection more feasible. As we noted, early detection of mesotheolioma not only gives patients a better prognosis because of the better response to early treatments.

Researchers continue searching for avenues to detect mesothelioma in early stages

As with other forms of cancer, mesothelioma comes with a poor prognosis for patients if it progresses beyond the early stages. Early detection is important, and researchers who work in the field of mesotheolioma routinely use radiological testing to that end. Because of the risks associated with radiation, though, other approaches to early detection are being sought.

Diagnosing mesothelioma is a long process

Even though ships aren't being built at the Avondale Shipyard any longer, its history and legacy remain. For some who worked there, that legacy could involve your health. One of the materials used at the shipyard, asbestos, could have left its mark on your body. You might have willingly given years to the shipyard, but you never intended to give it your life.

Seeking VA benefits for asbestos exposure during military service

Last time, we began looking at the importance of working with an experienced attorney to explore all potential avenues of compensation for asbestos exposure. As we noted last time, one potential alternative for pursuing compensation for asbestos-related diseases is to seek benefits from the Veterans’ Administration.

Vets: work with legal counsel to pursue all avenues of compensation for asbestos-related diseease

Asbestos exposure over the years has not been shared equally by all. Certainly those worked in the trades and in certain industries during the years before asbestos fell into disfavor have a high rate of health problems years later, as do their family members.