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Women face unique challenges with mesothelioma diagnosis, P.2

In our last post, we noted the closing gender gap when it comes to mesothelioma diagnosis and began looking at some of the unique challenges women face with mesothelioma. In addition to often being diagnosed at a younger age and having a better prognosis, women also commonly deal with financial challenges paying medical bills for treatments.

The cost of treatment for mesothelioma is significant, and women are more likely to undergo aggressive treatment if they are younger and have a better prognosis. Financial challenges, of course, are common for anybody living with a mesothelioma diagnosis, and that is why seeking compensation from those responsible for the exposure is so important. 

A third way mesothelioma is often different for women is that seeking compensation for mesotheiloma caused by secondhand exposure can be more challenging than when it is caused by direct exposure. That’s because it is often difficult to identify the products that caused the exposure, or when the exposure occurred. If a mesothelioma patient cannot identify where or when the exposure occurred, it becomes more difficult to seek compensation. Obtaining the evidence necessary to prove a claim for asbestos exposure is not necessarily easy, even for those who have had direct exposure. It does depend, though, on the circumstances of the case.

Working with skilled legal counsel is of paramount importance for anybody living with mesothelioma, and particularly for women, given the challenges they face. An experienced attorney will be able to help a mesothelioma victim to identify the available avenues for seeking compensation and to build the strongest possible case. 

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