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August 2017 Archives

Johnson & Johnson loses yet another talcum powder case

One of the legal issues we track on this blog is talcum powder litigation. We’ve previously discussed the challenges plaintiffs face in presenting strong evidence of causation in these cases. As we’ve noted, though, strong circumstantial evidence of the connection between talcum powder use and ovarian cancer, and a sympathetic jury, can make all the difference for plaintiffs.

Who is most vulnerable to asbestos exposure?

Louisiana workers know that exposure to asbestos is a serious threat to their health and future, but many employees in various fields are largely unaware of their potential risk for exposure. While this dangerous and toxic substance is in many common objects, those at the highest risk of exposure and illness are individuals employed in certain industries. 

Seeking compensation for asbestos exposure important for every mesothelioma victim

Statistics on life expectancy can be a source of complacency for some, and a source of anxiety for others. Life expectancy in the general population is 78 years, though this number can be affected by various factors, including sex and overall health. Among cancer patients, life expectancy depends on both the stage and location of the cancer, as well as the particulars of treatment. In some cases, cancer patients have a strong chance of survival, while others do not.

Work with experienced legal counsel in cases involving asbestos contaminated consumer products

Previously, we looked at a recent report that a cosmetic product sold by a tween fashion retail chain was contaminated with asbestos. Although the company denied the accusation of contamination after conducting its own investigation, this doesn’t necessarily mean that asbestos contamination of the tested line of products is not at all a concern.

Tween retail chain denies report of asbestos contaminated makeup

Most of the time, when we think of asbestos exposure, we think of that exposure having occurred in connection with home construction materials and from materials in an industrial settings. Asbestos exposure has also occurred, though, in connection with various household appliances, personal items and toys that used to contain asbestos may also have caused exposure. That exposure largely occurred in the past, before the negative health consequences of asbestos exposure became known.