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Tween retail chain denies report of asbestos contaminated makeup

Most of the time, when we think of asbestos exposure, we think of that exposure having occurred in connection with home construction materials and from materials in an industrial settings. Asbestos exposure has also occurred, though, in connection with various household appliances, personal items and toys that used to contain asbestos may also have caused exposure. That exposure largely occurred in the past, before the negative health consequences of asbestos exposure became known.

Nowadays, there are still some products made with asbestos, but there are strict rules about how much of the substance these products may contain. Generally, household and personal items do not contain asbestos, which is what makes stories like this one a bit surprising.

Justice, which is a retail store targeting tweens, recently announced it will stop selling a makeup that may contain asbestos. The retail chain’s decision to pull the product came after a report was aired on television in North Carolina. After conducting its own investigation into the product, the company released a statement denying the claim. The statement was based on testing conducted by a third-party laboratory.

According to the original report, the product contained talc that was contaminated with asbestos. Talc is often mined from deposits that contain other materials, including asbestos. The Food and Drug Administration’s quality standards do not allow for any amount of asbestos contamination in cosmetic talc, and this requirement has largely eliminated the problem. Asbestos contamination remains a risk, though.

We’ll say more about this issue in our next post. 

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