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Work with experienced legal counsel in cases involving asbestos contaminated consumer products

Previously, we looked at a recent report that a cosmetic product sold by a tween fashion retail chain was contaminated with asbestos. Although the company denied the accusation of contamination after conducting its own investigation, this doesn’t necessarily mean that asbestos contamination of the tested line of products is not at all a concern.

Asbestos contamination of consumer products does remain a risk, even though federal regulations on this point are strong. Companies are still able to introduce contaminated products into the stream of commerce. Contamination doesn’t necessarily come to the attention of regulators until a product is already out on the market and harming consumers. 

Some of the products that have been found in recent years to contain small amounts of asbestos are crayons, children’s crime scene fingerprinting kits, deodorants and antiperspirants, powder-based makeups, clothes irons, dishwashers, slow cookers and other household products. Talcum powder used in personal products may also be contaminated with asbestos, and this is the basis for litigation against Johnson & Johnson, manufacturer of baby powder and feminine hygiene products. Plaintiffs in these cases allege that talcum powder in these products caused ovarian cancer.

Proving asbestos exposure from consumer products is not necessarily an easy matter. As the talcum powder litigation shows, strong circumstantial evidence and a sympathetic jury can sometimes make all the difference. Working with an experienced attorney in this litigation is critical, of course, to gathering the best possible evidence in support of legal claims and making the strongest possible legal argument.

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