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How is mesothelioma diagnosed?

A common question that many people have who have worked in industries that used to feature asbestos is: How is mesothelioma diagnosed? Mesothelioma is a disease commonly found in people who have worked in the construction and shipbuilding industries from decades ago. Today, we will take a look at how this debilitating disease is diagnosed.

The diagnosis process almost always begins because a patient discusses possible symptoms of the disease as well as their occupational history with their doctor. What makes this disease so difficult to diagnose is the fact that the symptoms typically do not develop until it is in its late stages, leading to patients becoming sick very quickly.

During the discussion with the doctor, the focus will turn to the career of the patient. If it is discovered that the patient has worked in a profession known for asbestos exposure the doctor will order further tests. These tests include blood tests, biopsies and imaging scans.

Another reason mesothelioma is difficult to diagnose is due to its similarity with respiratory illnesses. The doctor will need to look for other signs of mesothelioma during the exam. These include weight loss, fever and difficulty breathing. A common test performed is an x-ray of the chest to determine if there is a buildup of fluid, which is a sign of mesothelioma. The final test administered will be the pulmonary function test, which determines the functions of the lungs.

Are you exhibiting signs of mesothelioma in New Orleans? Speaking with an experienced attorney can help you understand the disease, your rights as a former employee and what you can do to retrieve compensation for your work-related illness in Louisiana.

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