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Study finds that half of cancer deaths caused by behavior

A new study of cancer in the United States has found that close to half of all cancer deaths in the country are due to the unhealthy behaviors of the patients. You might think that this is quite high but it's actually less than estimates from 35 years ago. The reasons for the drop in numbers are a change in society and research methods.

According to the study, some 45 percent of deaths caused by cancer and 42 percent of diagnosed cases were caused by what the researchers call modifiable factors. To put it matter-of-factly, these risks are those that are not inherited by the patient but instead can be avoided by changing behavior like smoking, sun exposure, drinking and not eating a healthy diet.

The most recent study used data from 2014 and was conducted by the American Cancer Society. The study found that smoking was the leading risk factor, which caused 29 percent of the deaths. In second was excess body weight at 6.5 percent and alcohol came in third at four percent.

Lung cancer was caused 82 percent of the time by smoking. Uterine cancer was caused by excess body weight 60 percent of the time. The study did not take a look at how two or more risk factors combined affected the cancer diagnoses.

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Source: National Post, "Nearly half of US cancer deaths blamed on unhealthy behaviour," Nov. 21, 2017

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