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January 2018 Archives

People are still dying from diseases related to asbestos

If you watched your father, grandfather or uncles die of cancers related to their exposure to asbestos while working in the shipyards or other industries of Louisiana, it was likely an emotional and frustrating time. From the first diagnosis, you may have learned that mesothelioma has no cure, and what followed were months or years of slow decline. Perhaps you experienced this with more than one family member.

How are occupational diseases diagnosed?

Going to work each day should not be worrisome. You shouldn't have to think about possibly developing a disease that could disable you. But, some professions are like this. There are some inherently dangerous professions out there that can cause many workers to become sick and disabled. Some of those include mining, firefighting and construction. So, how are occupational disease diagnosed?

Common places asbestos is found in the home

As of 1989, the use of asbestos in new items is illegal based on a ban set forth by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Items created prior to 1989 can still use asbestos. One of the most common places asbestos was used was in materials to build houses. Asbestos can no longer be used in materials to build homes but it is still found in older homes across the country, even in Louisiana.