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April 2018 Archives

What does asbestos pipe insulation look like?

You may have heard that asbestos was used in insulation, but it is not just standard home insulation you need to worry about. Asbestos was often used in pipe insulation, often for water pipes or heating pipes. It retains heat very effectively and is fire-resistant, so it worked quite well in that capacity.

Asbestos that is friable is most dangerous

Several decades ago, it would not have been uncommon for you to hear about or come into close vicinity with products containing asbestos. Back then, even most home insulation contained the material. It existed (and still does, in many cases) in ceiling tiles, flooring, cabinetry, certain vehicle and machine components, and more. The problem is that when certain conditions are present or disruption of asbestos occurs, it poses a serious health risk to anyone nearby. 

What are some early lung cancer symptoms?

One thing you always hear people say about cancer is that it is best to catch it early. This is especially true with aggressive and potentially fatal types of cancer. Remember, for both men and women, no type of cancer takes more lives annually than lung cancer. The sooner you know you have it, the better your odds of beating it.