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June 2018 Archives

Do young people get mesothelioma?

Often, mesothelioma takes 20 years or more to fully manifest and develop in the human body. In some cases, it can take as long as 50 years. While this deadly cancer often acts aggressively once it develops, taking lives quickly, it can be decades after the exposure that it really develops.

The EPA may allow new uses of asbestos

The Environmental Protection Agency seems to agree that the prohibited uses of asbestos, as they stand right now, should remain banned. Asbestos has been linked to cancer in countless studies and is considered incredibly hazardous. It can no longer be used in many applications where it was once common, such as pipe insulation and tile.

What legal case against Johnson & Johnson means for you

Louisiana readers may be aware of the connections between the use of certain types of talc powders and the development of cancer. A recent successful lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson for the diagnosis of an asbestos-related cancer could lead to more lawsuits filed by individuals suffering from the same diagnosis.

Is there a link between alcohol and lung cancer?

Experts have been wondering if there is a link between alcohol and lung cancer since the 1980s. If you already feel skeptical that they could find one, you are not alone. However, multiple studies have now suggested that such a link does exist, that drinking alcohol may increase one's odds of getting lung cancer.

What is resectable mesothelioma?

A diagnosis of mesothelioma tells you what the underlying issue is, but that alone does not tell you what treatment options will be used or what chances you have to beat this disease. Mesothelioma can be either resectable or unresectable. What is the difference?