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August 2018 Archives

Taking a look at long-term care for mesothelioma

Thousands of people suffer from mesothelioma in Louisiana because of the industries in which they used to work. Mesothelioma is caused by exposure to asbestos. Most of the industries that used to use this building material no longer do so because it has been almost been entirely banned. Let's take a look at long-term care options for those coping with mesothelioma.

Will insurance companies have to pay for Johnson & Johnson?

Johnson & Johnson is facing a record judgment in a talcum-powder case, which came in at $4.69 billion. That money is supposed to go to people who bought talc powder that contained asbestos, which can lead to fatal cancer and other serious complications. If those people have passed away, the money is intended to go to their families.

Asbestos: The greatest strength is also the greatest danger

We know now that asbestos is incredibly dangerous and complications are often fatal. However, for decades in the wake of World War II, Americans really did not know how hazardous this material truly was. Instead, they put it everywhere. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) claims that more than 700,000 commercial or public buildings contained asbestos, along with more than 100,000 schools.