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November 2018 Archives

Asbestos suit finally resolved by Louisiana appeals court

The era of unmitigated environmental damage from harmful products and emissions is over, but Louisiana still suffers the consequences of old problems. Asbestos, a fibrous material connected to lung cancer and other respiratory problems, is still the subject of lawsuits in the Bayou State.

Longtime Louisiana politician files mesothelioma suit

Louisiana has a long history of litigation over asbestos, and the end is not yet near. A 71-year-old veteran of local politics is suing parts of Jefferson Parish and other related defendants for exposure to asbestos during his decades of experience as a school board and parish council member. The suit alleges their culpability for his mesothelioma, which was diagnosed within the last year.

Lung cancer lawsuit opens questions about punitive damages

Chemicals make many things in modern life possible, from the running of automobile engines to the preservatives in food at the grocery store. Their manufacture, however, has caused many environmental problems in the United States and medical problems for many of its citizens.

Talcum powder still not proven safe by federal agency

It is only a recent development in U.S. history that companies must answer for dangerous products they have released. But developments such as government agencies dedicated to protecting specific groups of citizens and legal obligations to victims of poor business practices have strengthened the age of holding makers responsible.