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April 2019 Archives

Talcum powder maker may have known more dangers than reported

Worries were growing about talcum powder long before the lawsuits started. Although some people still remember keeping babies dry with this powder, pediatricians started expressing concern about infants inhaling the white dust in the 1970s. Since then, up to 90% of talcum powder users have been adults.

New Orleans demolition leaves residents worried about asbestos

Asbestos has probably been a serious health hazard for centuries, but scientists first drew attention to its risks in the last 100 years. The fibers of the crystalline material may cause cancer and other problems in the lungs and the lining of several major organs. Although it is no longer used in building and manufacturing, it is still discovered in older sites.

Mesothelioma is hard to diagnose but possible to treat

Cancer is always a difficult diagnosis to hear, and it can be harder to live with. Residents of Louisiana are statistically more likely to develop certain types of cancer than much of the rest of the United States, which includes lung cancer, stomach cancer and mesothelioma.

What is chloroprene, and why is it dangerous?

Asbestos and other suspected carcinogens have caused a lot of illness and uproar in the Bayou State. Pollution levels and uses of construction materials that can harm the lungs, heart and skin have been the subject of Louisiana lawsuits for more than five decades. One specific chemical is getting a lot of mentions in Baton Rouge and courts all over the state.