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October 2019 Archives

Louisiana residents put pressure on factories in Chemical Alley

New Orleans had a Pirates' Alley and a Dutch Alley, but the city is better known for its streets and avenues now. The nearby Mississippi River Valley has been called several names ending in "Alley," and none of them are positive. Cancer Alley, Death Alley and Chemical Alley are all common monikers for an area with a high incidence of lung cancer and other respiratory problems.

What does OSHA have to say about asbestos exposure?

Like others here in Louisiana and elsewhere, you may think that concerns about asbestos no longer exist. After all, no one uses it anymore, right? Unfortunately, that isn't always the case. If you work in certain industries, you could still suffer from exposure without the proper equipment, training and personal protective gear.

Another large verdict casts doubt on talcum powder

Residents of Louisiana are all too familiar with major public health concerns. The industries based along the lower Mississippi River Valley have earned the area the unfortunate name of "Chemical Alley," and thousands of workers who operated shipyards and construction companies faced exposure to asbestos. The substance is thought to be connected to mesothelioma, a particularly difficult form of cancer to treat.