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November 2019 Archives

Talcum powder is still under investigation for health risks

People in Louisiana already have enough questions about their health due to environmental causes. Shipyards and construction sites may still have toxic amounts of asbestos lingering from earlier decades, while chemical plants along the Mississippi River have possibly been leeching contaminants into the water for years. A new concern has been recently developing nationwide in the form of talcum powder.

New study may change lung cancer screening recommendations

Louisiana has had one of the highest rates of lung cancer among the states in the nation for many years. Some residents blame 'Chemical Alley,' as the stretch of the Mississippi River south of Baton Rouge is known due to the high concentration of chemical plants. Others may factor in the shipyards and factories that used asbestos for so many decades.

Talcum powder maker recalls lot due to asbestos

Concerns about asbestos exposure were centered around exposure in the workplace for most of the 20th century. The substance has been used in homes and kitchens, but it is generally considered unsafe when the solid tiles or tools begin to send dust into the air to settle in people's lungs and other organs.

Does Johnson & Johnson baby powder really have asbestos in it?

Johnson & Johnson, manufacturer of various types of baby products, has come under scrutiny for producing products that could be dangerous to babies and users. Recently, the company initiated a massive recall of one of their most widely used products, baby powder. The company took this step after Food and Drug Administration testing revealed there were trace amounts of asbestos in a bottle.