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December 2019 Archives

Government agency may have downplayed talcum powder risks

It's been a long journey for people who used talcum powder as a hygiene aid. After decades of targeted marketing, the substance spent years in American homes before something appeared not quite right. Many users developed rare types of cancer or suffered other health problems.

Can you get mesothelioma from an exposed family member?

This question has been the source of controversy and debate for many decades. Some will say that developing mesothelioma through secondary asbestos contact is not possible. Many others feel strongly that becoming ill through secondary exposure to asbestos happens more than any Louisiana resident might believe.

Asbestos is just one of many dangerous occupational substances

As you may already know, asbestos is a highly dangerous material that often leads to lung cancer and other respiratory conditions. Contrary to popular belief, many products and industries still use asbestos. For example, brake pads used in the automotive industry may contain at least some of the material.

Louisiana buildings need asbestos maintenance

It is more likely for a resident of Louisiana to be diagnosed with lung cancer than people in nearly every other state in the country. The last few decades have yielded a lot of claims into the causes, such as the chemical plants that steam along the lower Mississippi River Valley and the shipbreaking yards along the Gulf Coast.

Nonsmokers at greater risk of lung cancer

Perhaps few types of cancer carry as much stigma as lung cancer. If doctors have diagnosed you with lung cancer, chances are you have heard comments from ill-informed people implying that you got what you deserved for smoking cigarettes. While you may not have been looking for sympathy, you certainly did not expect accusations, especially if you never smoked.