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Louisiana polluter may increase risk for lung cancer

Louisiana has several unique types of heritage, from the geography of the rivers to the French colonial past. The Mississippi River Valley is especially vital in the history of entire nation for supporting trade and travel. But a recent heritage has cast a shadow on entire generations of residents of the Bayou State.

Chemical Alley, as it is known, is a stretch of the Mississippi River based near Baton Rouge. A history of plants manufacturing industrial compounds and other hazardous chemicals led to widespread pollution and damage to the local ecosystems. It may also have contributed to Louisiana having the highest rate of lung cancer diagnoses in the United States.

Now a factory that agreed to reduce harmful emissions is asking for the right to renege on that agreement. The facility in St. John the Baptist Parish manufacturers an additive in several types of rubber products. The emissions from the making of this additive was at one point 130 times higher than the maximum amount recommended by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Emissions have led the parish to be in the highest category of risk for lung cancer. The health department for the Bayou State is running a study to find other victims of pollution who may require medical attention.

This sort of care can be expensive, and polluters may be held to account for the damage their products have done on local residents' health. An attorney can take a look at individual cases of lung cancer diagnoses to determine if they may be connected to industrial pollutants in Louisiana

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