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How to identify asbestos in the workplace

Asbestos is a problem that can lead to health issues that can put you out of work. It's a good idea to learn how to identify asbestos in your place of employment, especially if you work in the construction industry, where this is still very dominant in older buildings. Here are some tips for identifying asbestos in the workplace.

The signs and symptoms of mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is a disease that is caused by exposure to asbestos. Asbestos was used in various industries for quite a while across the country and the state of Louisiana was no exception. Asbestos was used in construction, shipbuilding and many other industries. It is still being removed from older homes and businesses throughout the state. Here are the signs and symptoms of mesothelioma.

Tween retail chain denies report of asbestos contaminated makeup

Most of the time, when we think of asbestos exposure, we think of that exposure having occurred in connection with home construction materials and from materials in an industrial settings. Asbestos exposure has also occurred, though, in connection with various household appliances, personal items and toys that used to contain asbestos may also have caused exposure. That exposure largely occurred in the past, before the negative health consequences of asbestos exposure became known.

Women face unique challenges with mesothelioma diagnosis, P.2

In our last post, we noted the closing gender gap when it comes to mesothelioma diagnosis and began looking at some of the unique challenges women face with mesothelioma. In addition to often being diagnosed at a younger age and having a better prognosis, women also commonly deal with financial challenges paying medical bills for treatments.

Seeking workers’ compensation benefits for workplace asbestos exposure, P.3

We’ve been looking in recent posts at seeking workers’ compensation benefits for asbestos-related diseases and how this compares to pursuing damages against manufacturers of asbestos-containing products in court. Last time, we mentioned that one of the considerations in determining what type of compensation to pursue is how that compensation will affect other forms of compensation that may be received for asbestos-related diseases.

Seeking workers’ compensation benefits for workplace asbestos exposure, P.2

Previously, we began looking at some of the considerations that go into deciding whether to pursue workers’ compensation benefits or a legal claim against a manufacturer for asbestos exposure on the job. As we noted, these considerations include the relative difficulty of proving that asbestos-related diseases are work-related, and meeting the statute of limitations.

Seeking workers’ compensation benefits for workplace asbestos exposure

Asbestos exposure can occur in a variety of settings and circumstances, but one of the most common is on the job. Special considerations go into asbestos cases involve workplace exposure. For one thing, such cases often involve multiple exposures, sometimes over multiple work sites and multiple employers, making it more difficult to track where the exposure came from and who should be held responsible.  

When can I file my asbestos-related claim? P.2

Previously, we began looking at Louisiana law concerning deadlines for filing different types of legal claims. As we noted, wrongful death, survival and personal injury actions all involve a one year deadline, either from the date of death or the date of injury. In some types of personal injury cases, determining the actual date of injury is challenging, including asbestos injury cases.