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Falsified asbestos air tests lead to indictment for monitor

Asbestos used to be a household product as well as a household word. Now, it is more of a household term for a slow and silent danger. Physicians around the world seem to have agreed that asbestos is dangerous to people when the solid pieces become airborne fibers and enter the lungs.

Supreme Court ruling draws a line around asbestos lawsuits

We are lucky that asbestos does not show up as much as it used to in industrial applications, insulation and other places. But it is still around, and the effects linger for people who spent a chunk of their careers dealing with the substance. Now, Baton Rouge has limited descendants' abilities to claim benefits.

Asbestos poses health risks but has still not been banned

There are few substances that have caused more damage to health and public trust in the United States than asbestos. Louisiana has taken the brunt of asbestos' effects, with shipyard workers and industrial insulators often developing mesothelioma or other grave illnesses after prolonged exposure to the dust that the brittle solid creates.

Talcum powder maker recalls lot due to asbestos

Concerns about asbestos exposure were centered around exposure in the workplace for most of the 20th century. The substance has been used in homes and kitchens, but it is generally considered unsafe when the solid tiles or tools begin to send dust into the air to settle in people's lungs and other organs.

Asbestos lingers in some older buildings

Although asbestos is not commonly found in home improvement stores and construction depots anymore, it is still found in some homes and other buildings in Louisiana and other states. The material, often used in a solid form which can become airborne fibers, has been connected by medical experts to mesothelioma and other cancers.

Asbestos exposure matters to several industries

Asbestos has almost become a catchphrase for the risks that many industrial workers and builders faced for much of the 20th century. The material has been in use since ancient history as an insulator against flame, among other advantages. Although warnings about the material's dangers existed in the 1930s, asbestos was not regulated in the United States until the 1970s.

Manufacturers should be aware of potential asbestos exposure

The children's accessories makeup and accessories store Claire's has recalled various makeup sets from its shelves in recent months. Its latest voluntary recall was issued on June 9. The Claire's JoJo Siwa Makeup Set, Bath/Lot No. S180109 is thought to contain the harmful mineral asbestos, a known carcinogen.

Longshoremen wins jury verdict over asbestos exposure

Although asbestos is no longer in common use in the United States and other countries, abatement or removal is still continuing in many communities. Louisiana has a long history of manufacturing or assembling products with the crystaline fiber later assumed to be connected to lung cancer and other ailments of thoracic organs.