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Is it legal to remove asbestos yourself?

You find asbestos in your home's insulation during a renovation project. You know the grave dangers of asbestos, which can lead to respiratory issues and a type of cancer known as mesothelioma. That cancer is famous for its aggressive nature, and it is often fatal to those who contract it.

Where has asbestos been used?

People are often well aware that asbestos is a dangerous material that can lead to fatal cancer and lung disease. The problem, though, is that they simply don't know all of the ways that asbestos has been used. It's good to know that it's dangerous, but where does that danger lie? What materials and products pose a risk? What should you avoid?

How are occupational diseases diagnosed?

Going to work each day should not be worrisome. You shouldn't have to think about possibly developing a disease that could disable you. But, some professions are like this. There are some inherently dangerous professions out there that can cause many workers to become sick and disabled. Some of those include mining, firefighting and construction. So, how are occupational disease diagnosed?

How to avoid asbestos exposure

Asbestos exposure is not a thing of the past. The use of asbestos in construction is a thing of the past though. Asbestos is still around, especially in old commercial buildings and old homes. If you live or work in a structure that has asbestos present you will likely want to know how to avoid exposure to this harmful product that causes mesothelioma and lung cancer.

Illnesses associated with exposure to asbestos

Working in an industry that used asbestos can be very dangerous to your health. Asbestos is still present in thousands of buildings across the country because of when they were constructed. The construction industry is exposed to asbestos the most, as crews remove it when remodeling or renovating. Today, we will discuss some of the illnesses that are associated with asbestos exposure.

What are the differences between asbestosis and mesothelioma?

Going to work each day should not be dangerous unless you work in construction, as a firefighter, police officer or some other type of occupation with similar dangers. There are some industries where going to work can be dangerous simply because of the presence of asbestos, which can cause workers to suffer from asbestosis and mesothelioma. So, what are the differences between these two diseases?

How to identify asbestos in the workplace

Asbestos is a problem that can lead to health issues that can put you out of work. It's a good idea to learn how to identify asbestos in your place of employment, especially if you work in the construction industry, where this is still very dominant in older buildings. Here are some tips for identifying asbestos in the workplace.