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Louisiana residents put pressure on factories in Chemical Alley

New Orleans had a Pirates' Alley and a Dutch Alley, but the city is better known for its streets and avenues now. The nearby Mississippi River Valley has been called several names ending in "Alley," and none of them are positive. Cancer Alley, Death Alley and Chemical Alley are all common monikers for an area with a high incidence of lung cancer and other respiratory problems.

Vaping causes lung health concerns in Louisiana

Lung illness has become unfortunately common in Louisiana. The state often leads the national average in the instances of lung cancer, mesothelioma and other ailments of the respiratory system. Many experts have blamed the various chemical industries along the Mississippi River and their related emissions for the poor air quality.

Lawsuit targets factory in the infamous Cancer Alley

Clean air and clean water are often considered a human right. But the reality is that some places have better or worse air quality, and that can have a real cost on quality of life. Those costs may also be medical expenses if people suffer from lung cancer, asthma and other ailments that can be common in polluted air.

New Orleans residents fight a possible cancer threat underwater

The Mississippi River Valley's end in Louisiana has been the heart of the economy in the Deep South for centuries. Although the water has brought a lot of commerce and transportation options, factories and refineries on parts of the river now nicknamed "Chemical Alley" dropped staggering quantities of noxious and dangerous substances into the environment of ordinary Louisianans.

Lung cancer concerns may raise Louisiana's smoking age

From the plains north of Baton Rouge to the Mississippi River Delta, the Bayou State holds outsized risks to the respiratory systems of its citizens. Louisiana's rates of lung cancer incidence are towards the top of U.S. state rankings. Many blame the chemical industry that once thrived on inland parts of the Mississippi River Valley and left a legacy of pollution still being managed.

What is chloroprene, and why is it dangerous?

Asbestos and other suspected carcinogens have caused a lot of illness and uproar in the Bayou State. Pollution levels and uses of construction materials that can harm the lungs, heart and skin have been the subject of Louisiana lawsuits for more than five decades. One specific chemical is getting a lot of mentions in Baton Rouge and courts all over the state.

Lung cancer may get a new early warning system

Cancer is a serious public risk in Louisiana. Many observers have linked the high incidence of chemical factories and other dangerous industrial workplaces with the high incidence of many types of cancer, in the state. Lung cancer is perhaps the most pernicious medical challenge to Louisianans of all ages.