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Cosmetics company is defendant in new talcum powder lawsuit

Talcum powder was considered a faithful friend to people, protecting them from moisture-related problems like itching and rashes. Although the absorbent material has been a staple in American bathrooms from nearly a century, recent discoveries of hazardous dust within many types of the commercially available powder have led to health problems for its users.

State government sues company over health risks of talcum powder

The jury may still be out on whether or not talcum powder causes health problems on its own. The absorbent substance has long been marketed as an option for feminine hygiene or baby care. But one problem with talcum powder that cannot be overstated is possible contamination by asbestos.

Government agency may have downplayed talcum powder risks

It's been a long journey for people who used talcum powder as a hygiene aid. After decades of targeted marketing, the substance spent years in American homes before something appeared not quite right. Many users developed rare types of cancer or suffered other health problems.

Talcum powder is still under investigation for health risks

People in Louisiana already have enough questions about their health due to environmental causes. Shipyards and construction sites may still have toxic amounts of asbestos lingering from earlier decades, while chemical plants along the Mississippi River have possibly been leeching contaminants into the water for years. A new concern has been recently developing nationwide in the form of talcum powder.

Another large verdict casts doubt on talcum powder

Residents of Louisiana are all too familiar with major public health concerns. The industries based along the lower Mississippi River Valley have earned the area the unfortunate name of "Chemical Alley," and thousands of workers who operated shipyards and construction companies faced exposure to asbestos. The substance is thought to be connected to mesothelioma, a particularly difficult form of cancer to treat.

Talcum powder lawsuits continue with a new massive verdict

Americans are often fascinated with courtroom dramas. An intimate look at the legal system dealing with an important issue is reassuring for people who want to have faith in our democracy and our right to be heard. Although lawsuits often do provide reassurances and compensation to victims of grave injuries or illnesses, the truth is often messier than fiction.

What are the dangers of talcum powder?

Every once in a while, the nightly news on television gets your attention with the claim that "something in your house can kill you." Sometimes, the science is being turned into hype for shock value. But one recent case may involve the violation of trust by not making enough of the dangers in an everyday product.