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Lung cancer may get a new early warning system

Cancer is a serious public risk in Louisiana. Many observers have linked the high incidence of chemical factories and other dangerous industrial workplaces with the high incidence of many types of cancer, in the state. Lung cancer is perhaps the most pernicious medical challenge to Louisianans of all ages.

Lung cancer danger now shown on cigarette packaging

Workers, families and children in Louisiana have faced many causes of lung cancer, from asbestos in insulation materials to toxic chemicals released by refineries along the Mississippi River. Two major challenges to health often related to lung cancer, asbestos and cigarettes, were subject to some of the largest collections of lawsuits in terms of time spent in court and money recovered from manufacturers.

Valley near New Orleans has alarmingly high cancer rates

Louisiana is known as a great destination for outdoor activity, enough that the state's nickname was "Sportsman's Paradise" for decades. But recent evidence shows that many parts of the Mississippi River Valley have been dangerous to inhabitants and visitors alike for years.

Lung cancer lawsuit opens questions about punitive damages

Chemicals make many things in modern life possible, from the running of automobile engines to the preservatives in food at the grocery store. Their manufacture, however, has caused many environmental problems in the United States and medical problems for many of its citizens.

Ethylene oxide has posed dangers in Louisiana for 50 years

The Mississippi River Delta has seen more than its share of pollutants and contaminants during its centuries as a center of industry and major avenue of trade. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has studied the area for 40 years in an attempt to lessen the dangers to citizens of the region.

Louisiana has a history of claims against negligent employers

Louisiana shares a history with other U.S. states as host to some vital yet dangerous products and processes. Farmers have been exposed to harmful chemicals in the fields, oil workers have been covered in lethal substances on offshore rigs and many types of professionals manufactured or used materials later found to cause lung cancer and other chronic illnesses.