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Natural disasters carry a risk of asbestos exposure

Natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes clearly pose a serious risk to anyone in the affected area and to the rescue workers who then come in to assist after the fact. However, outside of traditional risks like unstable structures and flooding, it is important to note that there is also a serious risk of asbestos exposure when older buildings are damaged or destroyed.

Asbestos: The greatest strength is also the greatest danger

We know now that asbestos is incredibly dangerous and complications are often fatal. However, for decades in the wake of World War II, Americans really did not know how hazardous this material truly was. Instead, they put it everywhere. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) claims that more than 700,000 commercial or public buildings contained asbestos, along with more than 100,000 schools.

What does asbestos taste like?

You worry about asbestos exposure from something as simple as the the dust in the air at work. You breathe it in every day. If it contains asbestos, are you constantly putting even a small amount into your lungs? Inhaling asbestos has been linked to mesothelioma and related disorders that can be fatal.

The EPA may allow new uses of asbestos

The Environmental Protection Agency seems to agree that the prohibited uses of asbestos, as they stand right now, should remain banned. Asbestos has been linked to cancer in countless studies and is considered incredibly hazardous. It can no longer be used in many applications where it was once common, such as pipe insulation and tile.

What does asbestos pipe insulation look like?

You may have heard that asbestos was used in insulation, but it is not just standard home insulation you need to worry about. Asbestos was often used in pipe insulation, often for water pipes or heating pipes. It retains heat very effectively and is fire-resistant, so it worked quite well in that capacity.

Is it legal to remove asbestos yourself?

You find asbestos in your home's insulation during a renovation project. You know the grave dangers of asbestos, which can lead to respiratory issues and a type of cancer known as mesothelioma. That cancer is famous for its aggressive nature, and it is often fatal to those who contract it.

Where has asbestos been used?

People are often well aware that asbestos is a dangerous material that can lead to fatal cancer and lung disease. The problem, though, is that they simply don't know all of the ways that asbestos has been used. It's good to know that it's dangerous, but where does that danger lie? What materials and products pose a risk? What should you avoid?