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Class action about talcum powder may only be the first

There are probably a dozen chemicals in the bathroom that we rely on to stay clean and fresh. It would be a violation to learn that one or more of them had never been as safe as the maker claimed. That is the scenario playing out in several courts as a staple of bathroom hygiene products is under scrutiny.

Lawsuits claim talcum powder may cause cancer

Talcum powder has been marketed for decades as a method to stay dry, but it may have a dangerous side effect that users should have known about from the beginning. Asbestos among the fine particles of talc in the toiletry product may have been inhaled, causing a cancer in the lining of an organ known as mesothelioma.

Talcum powder still not proven safe by federal agency

It is only a recent development in U.S. history that companies must answer for dangerous products they have released. But developments such as government agencies dedicated to protecting specific groups of citizens and legal obligations to victims of poor business practices have strengthened the age of holding makers responsible.

Talcum powder lawsuit is seen as product safety landmark

It's hard to imagine the dangers of a product with the benign name of "baby powder." However, it appears that courts are beating scientists to the claim that talc, a clay mineral renowned for its absorbent qualities, may not be as benign as its popular trade name suggests.

How talcum power usage has been linked to cancer

Talcum powder is a common household product that is often used on young children and babies. Therefore, we automatically assume that it is safe for use, especially when global brands such as Johnson & Johnson manufacture it. However, studies in the past few years have made some shocking correlations between talcum powder usage and cancer.

Will insurance companies have to pay for Johnson & Johnson?

Johnson & Johnson is facing a record judgment in a talcum-powder case, which came in at $4.69 billion. That money is supposed to go to people who bought talc powder that contained asbestos, which can lead to fatal cancer and other serious complications. If those people have passed away, the money is intended to go to their families.